We are a company that wants to share the best of BAJA with the entire world by providing international traveler’s high-end experiences and professional service.  We facilitate diverse adventures while gathering the interest and expectations of our customers and creating a unique and transcendental experience.


Provide to international travelers with high-end experiences in BAJA. Lead with professional services and innovation towards the customization of unique adventures in the region. Show international travelers what BAJA has to offer based on their personal preferences.


Provide world class outdoor experiences, making Baja the premier destination for international travelers.




BAJA is short for Baja California Peninsula, located south of the Californian border.  With more than 52,000sq mi, BAJA was blessed with beautiful natural sceneries.  Wether you are looking for adventure or relaxation BAJA is a hidden treasure that world travelers have kept to them selves for years! Today, visitors in Baja are exploring the limitless possibilities that this piece of heaven on earth has to offer. For the adventurous types Baja is the place to go. There you can let your adrenaline run wild with UTV and motorcycle rides, off roading as well as rising with the sun while camping.   If you are looking to soak up the sun it offers relaxing beaches with paradise views that makes this place bliss.

MBAdventures offers Motorcycle and UTV Off Road expeditions guided with Professional Riders and Drivers. Expeditions range from single day runs to more exhilarating 3 to 7 day runs covering hundreds of miles.

Discover BAJA pumping tons of adrenaline on your body while driving the unique trails and scenic terrain.

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